Day after Birthday…

Ok, just letting my head clear, I did work this moring, up at 6am, out the door by 7am, then got my deliverys done by 9.40am! Yeah not good after yesterday but hangover is nearly gone and now have some work to to. The first thing is my Udemy copywriter course to continue. Then I have a podcast to record and put up and then I can relax a little.

I am also working on blog post for a friends site, nearly done and just need to read over and edit the document.

So while I feel a little rough, I should be able to rest for the day.

More later

It’s snowing…

Yes today we have snow. Also its my birthday today and have just hit the big 50 as well. So today is a day off everything and will finish some work off on Monday.

Snow in Windsor 24/01/2021

I am still freelancing as a delivery driver for our local florists, so the money from that will go to a new laptop.

Last night I have set up a Microsoft Office 365 account and have updated my apps to paid versions for the extra functionality for the suite of apps.

This has also given me extra storage for One Drive as well. That will be very handy. Still working on a few blog posts which I will send off very soon.

Starting to move…

So, just as I start to look more into my freelance options, I have just completed my first step. I have just utilized my PC skills to help our local florist (which we live above) in sorting out the small business Covid19 claim.

Its nice to do something to help and help them out, but also got paid for it as well! This has also lead to me offer my driving skills to help with delivery’s starting Monday so that will also put some money in my pocket.

Funny how things can work in strange but good ways.