Work In Progress

The website is currently being worked on. The basics are still here and the podcast has been changed back to Magician on a Shoestring as well.

Its Monday

Ah yes, another Monday has now arrived and over the weekend I did do a few updates on the site here and there. One thing I am disappointed about is the lack of clicks from the reviews. I was looking forward to getting a few sales but alas it seems that this is now not… Continue reading Its Monday

Adding Extra Podcast

To help move things forward and as I explained on the podcast which you can find HERE I have now found a quality based Affiliate platform who offer UK based company’s which have been chosen for their quality and customer service. Of course I will still do all the background work and make sure they… Continue reading Adding Extra Podcast

More Done on the Site Podcast

Well, things are starting to move and take better shape, click HERE for the podcast or you can visit the Podcast section of the website to listen to the podcast. Working on some other affiliate links to expand the site so keep them eyes peeled for more soon.


For the lack of posts over the last few days. I have been busy with Udemy study and it looks like I may have found a niche in the freelance market. I am not going to say what it is just yet, I need a little time for seting up. Still liking this new tablet… Continue reading Sorry…