Just a quick FYI, but Udemy is having a sale, just at the right time as I was able to grab a couple of courses for 30 quid. So now I have some study material to work with. If you missed out, they have a few free courses as well.

Podcast Test

Testing the podcast to see if it plays on WordPress. If you click the link above, it will take you to the podcast page. It seems I cant put the player in the blog. At least I can link to it.

Urgh! Mondays

Mondays can be that one day no one likes, I get it you know, the weekend has been great (unless on lockdown!) and now its time to get work done. This morning and yes I know its 8.48am as I start to write this blog post, but I have already been looking at links and… Continue reading Urgh! Mondays

The Start

So, things look a little empty of this site but that will change over the next few days.