De-Google that Tablet…

While having the Google Services on the Amazon HD 8 Plus tablet works great, I do know some people would rather get away from the “watches you” fear of Google.

To be honest, I don’t mind Google looking at my stuff as I have nothing really of value or interest in my emails and documents. This did get me thinking, as we now have MS Office on the Amazon Store which does open the Amazon Tablets to the business sector and to some part the Student area as well. My thinking was can I not use google on my Amazon? and just still get all I need to work and update this blog?

My wife did have my Kindle Fire HD 8 plus for a few weeks but alas she prefers the Apple tablet as its part of her Apple “lifestyle” so just before my old Vankyo 10″ died I was able to factory reset the HD 8 Plus and start to use it as a pure Amazon device.

While I can access all my social media, watch my video downloads and use Office, there are a few apps I still need and have to find elsewhere, away from the Google App Store?

The way I have this sorted is to use a 3rd Party App Store service by the name of APK Pure. This site has its own Store App and will allow you download and update any apps you use. This allows access to all the apps you would find on Google App store and for the few apps I use, its much more effective as I don’t have to fill the memory up with all the large Google files to do the same.

On a side note, I would recommend you only update Amazon Apps with the Amazon App store, you can get the APKPure app to ignore these and only run the APKPure updates with the apps you install from there.

This has worked fine for me over the last few weeks and if anything goes wrong I will update you here.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your feedback here.

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Gareth Witty

Just trying to get things done.

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