Spreaker Versus Anchor

Spreaker versus Anchor Podcasting Platforms
I have been using many podcast services over the last ten years. I have found these two platforms to work very well for new podcasters. The first one is Spreaker and this is one of the oldest on the current market. They have a free option as well as a paid option for different tiers of usage. However, Anchor is a relatively new platform with ties into Spotify, is free to use with no paid plan.

So, let us start with Spreaker first. This platform has both web and app-based accessibility. From the Studio app you can use you phone or tablet to record and publish podcasts on the go. There is also a Windows App so you a program to run your show as well, from the dashboard on the website, you can upload recorded files so if you use a studio or home setup you can use many file formats. On the free plan, your podcasts can be fifteen mins long and you have storage for five hours total. Now, they do allow you to run extra shows from the same platform, so you can access and maintain these from just one dashboard.

This is fine for new users to start learning about podcasting, but the real benefits will come with the three tiers for more functionality and larger storage. They also have an Enterprise version, this one comes with all the bells and whistles, really a case of the more you pay, the more adverting and reach you will get.
Now onto Anchor, this one is a little different, it has all the same functions as Spreaker such as an app version and a web base console. As far as I can see there is no Windows or Mac program unlike the Speaker one, but to be honest I can see only the app and webpage version needed. There are a few features of the platform that stand out from the Spreaker system. There is no subscription costs, there is unlimited time and size on the podcasts you upload and the big one is now being part of Spotify, which does access a very large audience.

However, there is one thing to be aware of is that you can only have one show with the account. This means you have more than one show, each show would need a separate account to run. Also, you would have to log out each time to work on a different show. That would not be a real problem as most podcasters tend to have one show, but a few of the bigger podcast networks do often run several shows such as TWit who have many different shows.

So we have very good podcasting platforms and which one would you choose? I would say for new podcasters that Anchor is a standout choice, easy to use, linked with Spotify and free unlimited files makes it a no brainer. If you need to run multiple shows then Spreaker is a good choice. There is nothing from trying both and see which one suits your needed to be fair.

Thanks for reading and more very soon


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