Back to work for the day

Well, I got an email last night and I had to pop into work to sort some stock. It was nice to be back and a nice break from Lockdown.

Today I also received my new bluetooth keyboard for my 10″ tablet so I can now write pretty much anywhere. It might be just right for sitting by the pool in a nice hot county sipping something cold and with alcohol, but I can dream for now.

For anyone intersted I got the Jelly Comb Bluetooth Keyboard B046 which has a nice solid feel and built in Tablet holder for up to 11″ tablet. My Vankyo tablet fits perfect but I had to take the case off. You can fit a good range of tablets in this keyboard including the Kindle Fire 8 or 10.

Infact, I am typing my blog with it right now! It fits great on my lap and the viewing angle is pretty much fine. You will not be able to adjust the tilt but most modern tablets have a wide veiwing angle anyway.

Keep safe and more soon,


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Gareth Witty

Just trying to get things done.

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