Urgh! Mondays

Mondays can be that one day no one likes, I get it you know, the weekend has been great (unless on lockdown!) and now its time to get work done.

This morning and yes I know its 8.48am as I start to write this blog post, but I have already been looking at links and information already for works and ideas. The good thing for this this Monday is I am sat at home, drinking coffee and have a cat on my side as I work and can direct myself to what needs to be done. In a little bit I have some Fiverr training videos to study and a audio book to listen to as well.

Zeus our black and white rescue cat.

I also hope to get some work to deliver flowers for our friends downstairs this week so this will add funds to the new laptop and some basic office supplies so I can work from home. Its not that the 10 year old laptop is a problem, but I also have a few tablets I use if needed, but a nice new laptop would be useful for day to day tasks. Just need to find that old Windows tablet I had, still cant find it but as tech head I do have a few.

Oh! I have also started using my Linkedin account again as well, thanks to my buddy last night that reminded me to make sure thats updated. Working on that now.

So many thanks for reading and liking this post, I will be updating the blog a few times each week from now on.

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Gareth Witty

Just trying to get things done.

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